What is the Average Cost of Invisalign®?

Invisalign® is a practical, comfortable, and effective alternative to traditional metal braces. For this reason, many people assume that Invisalign® must be more expensive than braces. Fortunately, this is not the case!

Generally, Invisalign® is no more expensive than traditional braces. Keep in mind that just as every smile is unique, every treatment plan—and therefore treatment cost—is unique. Your final costs will depend on the severity of issues that need to be corrected, the length of treatment, and your insurance coverage.


Is Invisalign® Covered by Insurance?

Just as many dental insurance policies cover traditional braces and other forms of orthodontic care, many plans also cover Invisalign® treatment. In fact, your insurance may cover up to 50% of your treatment costs, making Invisalign® an affordable solution for straightening your smile.

Additionally, you may be able to pay for Invisalign® using a flexible savings account (FSA) through your employer. We also offer flexible monthly payment plan options to address any remaining financial concerns. Our goal is to make Invisalign® an affordable option for you.


Is Invisalign® Worth the Cost?

Considering that Invisalign® aligners are roughly the same cost as traditional braces, it’s safe to say that Invisalign® is well worth the cost. Unlike braces, these clear plastic aligners are virtually invisible, meaning they have little impact on your appearance. Furthermore, Invisalign® aligners can be easily removed for eating, drinking, brushing, flossing, sporting events, or special occasions.


No matter your age or lifestyle, Invisalign® enables you to feel confident and comfortable while straightening your teeth. A beautiful smile that makes you feel great is an investment that will pay off for the rest of your life!


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